"A bold tale with a diverse cast of characters and a solid story, well-suited to younger readers and fans of pirates, African history and lost treasure.

"In this illustrated debut novel, Walford spins a mischievous yarn full of boys’ adventure, suspense .. island exploits and ... many snakes ."

"smart, funny .. fantastic ."

Kirkus Magazine, Recommended Reviews

Customer Testimonials

"The Island Hunters is a series designed to entertain young fans with the exciting adventures of a family ... while they learn about the history and geography of Africa and the Caribbean – countries from where their [ancestors] may have journeyed. If I was a ten year old boy again I would have consumed these books!"

Tony Rose, NAACP Image Award Winner, Obama Talks Back: Global Lessons ... Young Leaders

"Thrilling! My son is entering the fourth grade and is challenged when asked to read chapter books. Most do not appeal to him nor our ethnicity. This was untrue with The Island Hunters. I have not seen him so passionate about a story. I am currently looking for the next books in the series upon his request!"

Michelle W. Amazon Customer

"It was read aloud in a park full of kids and they were glued for almost two hours. A couple of grandparents said that 'the book was so genuine and funny and the way the detail of the island was captured and the characters of the children in the story was portrayed, was amazing!' It is definitely a book that can reach any age."

P. Evans, Store Customer

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